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Chiara Cantono

“Acqua Di Biella” is an artistic elegant unique niche perfume. Its name is synonymous with “Tradition,Refinement, and Quality.” 

The perfume manufactures Acqua di Biella, founded in 1871, is the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoia from 1878 with the loving devotion of four generations of the same family. 

For more than a century, four generations of the founding family have carefully passed down their knowledge and passion for the magnificent art of perfume making in the city of Biella. 

The fourth generation, “Chiara Cantono”, decided to devote herself, scrupulously to design and create innovative products using materials and technologies with low environmental impact, in full recognition of the link that has always been bound to nature.

Why Choosing Us?

Every fragrance in the Acqua di Biella collection features the most pure, rare and precious essences in the world and, together with the family’s skillful gift of perfume making, translates them into sophisticated and beautiful perfumes, treasures to be prized for their purity, history and their breathtaking beauty.

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